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We provide a valuable proactive lead generation source for agents – not by selling you ad space but by helping you to engage meaningfully in the neighborhood and learning about buying interests and new properties before everybody else.

Agents Representing Sellers

Agents representing sellers can see all the potential buyers who have indicated an interest in your client’s home. This provides a bigger and immediate pool of buyers who have already indicated an eagerness to buy. You can reach out to any of them privately or let everybody on HomeAhead know the house is becoming available to buy.

You can also proactively let all buyers on HomeAhead know that a property will be coming on the market to start attracting interest from people well beyond your personal network as early as possible.

Everybody wins because the buyer’s agent become more of an insider for all properties, the selling agent has more buyers lined up (and knows their buying criteria), and the homeowner enjoys a more competitive buying situation.

Listing Agent features:

  • List of Eager Buyers: As soon as you represent a property, see buyers who have already indicated a buying interest in that particular property and reach out to them. More buyers can equal a higher price and a shorter sales cycle.
  • Ultimate ‘Coming Soon’: Mark your listing as “Coming Soon” at any time before you are ready to list it on the MLS. Be seen by all buyers, not just those who happen to drive by.
  • Show Your Expertise for Lead Generation: Show your neighborhood knowledge by providing “Agent Insights” for any property, optionally including an estimated value.

Agents Representing Buyers

Agents representing buyers can see more homes available in the areas of their client’s interest, including:

  • Search 6,335 homes in Bellaire, not just the 150 on
    MLS. We allow you and your buyers to search all homes in a neighborhood, not just the ones everybody else can see.
  • See Hidden Opportunities: HomeAhead shows unique information like builder-owned properties, rented vs. owner-occupied homes, homes where an owner has indicated a willingness to sell, floodplain information, and more.
  • Seeing the lots and homes in every builder’s queue
  • Easily reaching out to specific homeowners (with a personal message) on behalf of the buyer to determine willingness to sell
  • For owners who have already indicated a willingness to sell, contacting the homeowner to initiate walkthrough or offer discussions
  • See a central collection of all known lease, FSBO, builder, and other situations not always on an MLS

Home Insights and Valuations Crowdsourced from Local Agents (Bestimates)

The use of computer-generated home valuations is now common. In our research, however, agents consistently said they are also the least appreciated aspect of home listings, especially in Texas and the 11 other non-disclosure states where accuracy is the lowest.

We developed an approach that uniquely complements the algorithms, provides context for the given price, and provides a tangible, personalized connection between an agent and a home buyer or owner. Rather than cold calculations from afar, we leverage the popular crowdsourcing approach by having agents provide their expert, local opinion of home price. Agents can react to variables faster (e.g. recent flooding) and with a subjective context not yet mastered by calculations (e.g., the new speed bumps and highway sound wall near this street will help increase values for families) such that their opinions are quite useful.

This approach is not only unique, it also provides a win-win. The homeowner or buyer receives useful, personal information and the agent has a simple opportunity to differentiate themselves.

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