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Builders & Businesses

HomeAhead is a free service that helps home buyers, homeowners, and real estate agents interact and show interest in buying or selling homes – and allows local businesses and builders to be engaged with these verified users as well.

Local Businesses

HomeAhead has a uniquely active and affluent user base, which makes them useful and relevant to local businesses.

  • Homeowners using HomeAhead go through a verification process, ensuring they are residents and owners of local homes.
  • The people using HomeAhead are transaction oriented, either considering buying a home or selling a home.
  • HomeAhead specializes in buyers with longer time horizons, so they are visiting HomeAhead over an extended period of time.
  • HomeAhead users subscribe to properties of interest so receive regular updates based on their preferences.

All of these aspects create opportunities for local businesses to create awareness with qualified HomeAhead users.

Contact us so we can discuss what helps your particular business. Note that our pilot services are only relevant to homes in Bellaire, TX (buyers can be from any city, however) although we’ll be expanding more soon.

Home Builders

For home builders specifically, HomeAhead provides more awareness of your “pipeline” of new lots or properties and currently available properties, helping you to line up more buyers sooner and creating more awareness of your business.

HomeAhead provides:

  • A centralized place to list your properties in any stage – a tear down just acquired, empty lots, homes under construction, or homes built on spec. Showing these properties (even the ones already sold) helps to show your growing presence and buying opportunities.
  • A unique way for home buyers to search and find homes you’ve previously built in the area (for sale or not) to help show experience in the area and examples of your past work.
  • Easy updates for any changes in status – just text HomeAhead the information or log in and send us a note about a property update. We send automatic updates to the home buyers who have indicated an interest.

And buyers can call or message you directly.

Contact us to learn how to create free advertising for your business on our site and how we make it easy to keep your property (current and upcoming) information current.

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