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HomeAhead is a free service that allows homeowners to:

  • Learn about interest in your home from potential home buyers
  • See opinions of valuation changes based on views of local real estate agents
  • Let buyers know of a willingness or upcoming plans to sell or rent your home or investment property
  • As a homeowner, you benefit from being more informed about the market and the interest level for your property and accumulating a list of qualified, interested buyers. When you are ready to sell or rent, you can provide this list to your agent (you can simply link your agent in the system) so there is a bigger pool of people competing for the property, even before it may be published on the MLS sites (such as HAR.com in Houston or your realtor’s website).

    We recommend using a qualified real estate agent, but, if you choose not to use an agent, you can list For Sale by Owner and For Rent by Owner properties and make contact with buyers and renters directly via the HomeAhead messaging system if you prefer.

    Even if you have no interest in selling your property in the near future, creating your free HomeAhead account and verifying that you own one or more properties, allows you to track information about them over time. And to track other properties in the neighborhood.

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    Anybody can sign up, but only homeowners in Bellaire, TX can verify their home ownership during our pilot period.

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